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I have found that one of the most powerful tools for increasing the engagement and motivation of others, whether a member of my team, a colleague, my boss or my family is ‘truly listening’.

Truly listening means suspending my own agenda for a moment and concentrating on the other person. By that I mean, facing them, really looking at them, giving them my full attention-showing a real interest.

The hardest thing to do is to suspend my own agenda. Of course wanting to engage with someone is an agenda in itself.

However, I think I hold the belief that benefit will come to both of us if I concentrate on the other person even for a short time. Just by truly listening the connection and engagement changes-as if by magic.

So if you are finding someone challenging, try listening to them with interest

Five  ways of listening that disengage and demotivate:

Thinking about something else

Facing the other way

Feeling impatient, annoyed, anxious

Looking at your blackberry/computer

Asking closed questions