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The title is based on the assumption that we all have the potential to inspire others. I am convinced that if we want to, each of us can tap into our potential today and release a little of our inner leader with three simple steps.

Connect with who and what you care about

Have the courage to face your fears

Practise new habits

So for today I am writing my own reflections in the moment.

Connect with who and what I care about in this moment I have been with my parents this weekend and want to help them live as independently as possible despite their increasing physical and mental challenges. I feel sad and yet I know it’s what everyone faces and it has brought my brothers and myself much closer. On perhaps a different note, it is really important for me to be as present as I can be with everyone I interact with at home and at work. And finally for today I will continue to coach and facilitate clients to feel more powerful and energised.

Have the courage to face my fears I have a strange queasy feeling in my stomach as I think about posting. I am very comfortable with face-to-face interactions, with coaching and with facilitating because I draw energy and confidence from instant feedback and from relating to people in the moment. I find one-way communication creates anxiety in me. The ability to adapt isn’t there and neither is the physiological connection. The written words are delivered and then there is a space and time where the words stand on their own. Is this fear justified i.e. is it foolish to write this post as I cannot see how it lands? Or should I face my fear, step out of my comfort zone and try and experience that space?

Practise new habits In facing this fear in the moment and posting this piece, I am practising a different form of connection and trust. How might this release more of my inner leader? Well at the very least it will test my capability to connect with a wider audience.