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I see people rushing and quite literally running from meeting to meeting. I find it interesting that highly intelligent individuals book meetings that start on the hour and finish on the hour. Given that ‘Beam me up Scotty’ is as yet technically not with us I am amazed that we think we can get from A to B in a Nano second.

And so we rush from event to event feeling and appearing ‘busy’.

I remember working with a newly appointed Marketing Director. She came to me because the feedback she was getting was that her fellow directors thought she was out of control and that she did not know what she was doing. Actually this individual was very capable, strategic and had exceptional relationships with existing and prospective customers. What her fellow directors saw was someone rushing about. Contrary to what we may think, rushing about does not make us look busy it makes us look out of control.

She tried an experiment. She stopped running even if it meant she would arrive late. Better to be late and walk in to a meeting with gravitas than rush in creating a chaotic energy for all those around her. The new director’s greatest observation was that by walking with purpose she felt more in control and made better choices. Strangely she felt she had more time.

She also noticed that rushing had helped her to avoid tackling some challenging issues. Slowing down helped her focus on her priorities even if they were unpleasant to do.

Within a month the CEO was getting significantly more positive feedback about his new director and she felt accepted as a member of the Board.