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Leadership Practice Programme

Regular Leadership Practice Programme

An innovative approach to help people make a lasting change to their leadership

Being a leader can result in doing too much and feeling overwhelmed
Do you want to feel more focused, confident and resilient?

Pleasing others means you don’t always stand up for yourself
Do you want to be able to back yourself and still inspire others?

Taking all the responsibility on your shoulders is not only exhausting it also prevents others from growing and developing
Can you lead and share at the same time?

Sometimes we feel we can’t show who we truly are
Can who you are be good enough?

Develop new leadership habits that can make an immediate difference to how you feel and on the impact you have

90-minute weekly ‘somatic’ classes that consider leadership in terms of our whole body and mind: sensing, feeling, thinking and moving

The classes will be challenging and fun and people will leave with practices to take away. To master any skill and create a new habit we need to practise. To change an old habit we are going against ‘homeostasis’ (the tendency for our thoughts and behaviours to return to a habitual equilibrium) and therefore we need to practise the new habit over and over. A reason we sometimes forget what we have learnt on leadership programmes and allow business as usual to take over is that the practices we have learnt are not embodied. Somatic exercises practised on a regular basis will help embody the learning and enable real shifts to take place.

Feedback from participants


I got such a lot from this course. I use the skills daily.


I would definitely recommend it to others, not just my colleagues, but also anyone who wants to develop them-selves in terms of leadership.


The development in confidence was almost instant and yielded immediate results for me. For me, the transformation was staggering and I largely put this down to being able to “Centre”.


For me, the clarity and appreciation around my personal skills and attributes came out of the techniques and exercises that you gave us, as it was these exercises that helped me discover these things for myself.


The most powerful thing has been that it has allowed me to execute practices that I integrate day-to-day.


I chose to do Anna’s course because I knew I wanted to be a leader, but some things were holding me back. Anna gave me very practical tips that I could use as soon as I got back to the office, and I noticed my confidence grow steadily over the length of the course.


Who are the classes for?
Leaders and aspiring leaders, who are interested in deepening their capability to inspire, align and engage their organisations and/or teams.

The aims of the classes are to
· Build your leadership confidence, courage and connection.
· Strengthen your resilience.
· Begin to embed a regular leadership practice that will help you feel more able to stand up for yourself and at the same time influence others.

You will
· Explore what you stand for, your natural courage and your ability to connect with others.
· Experience and practise a number of exercises to develop your awareness of the way you move, feel and breath.
· Start to see the link between how you feel and think and how these impact your leadership.
· Begin to feel more comfortable in your own skin and in your own leadership style.
· Develop and trust your own power.


The approach is based on the whole body and mind (the soma)

We hold our history and habits in our muscles as well as in our minds. Our physical shape and emotional responses are significant drivers of our behaviour.

A somatic approach is based on the premise that to make significant and lasting difference you have to consider your whole physiology including sensing, feeling, thinking and moving. You work towards embodying the change by using your body to guide you as a leader and by practising new skills on a regular basis.


The Facilitator
My name is Anna Coen and I have many years of experience in the commercial and professional world and have been working as a leadership coach and facilitator for over ten years. I am certified as a Somatic coach. Somatic coaching supports significant and lasting transformation by helping you to:
· Become aware of your physiological responses and how these affect your thoughts and actions.
· Develop new practices to help you embody your leadership aspirations.


My commitment
Safety, confidentiality and mutual respect are key principles that I make explicit and underpin the work we do together.


If you are interested in exploring further please call me on 07894 466671 or send me an email anna.coen@acintegration.com