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AC Integration® has developed a three faceted approach that can make a real difference to the confidence and performance of your leaders and at the same time increases the speed and cost effectiveness of your leadership development. The approach is both challenging and supportive.The three faceted approach aims to accelerate leadership development whilst enhancing the impact and reducing the cost. Take a look at our services and the target areas they address.

One – target and leverage

Focus any change in behaviour or skill on targeted areas and leverage the strengths of the individual as a professional to achieve most cost effective impact.

  • Long experience with professional and financial service organisations has led Anna to identify and develop this element of the AC Integration approach.

Two – structured to deliver

A dynamic coaching process that quickly results in a very clear way forward supported by pragmatic and immediately implementable actions.

  • This aspect of the approach is borne out of Anna’s expertise and qualifications in coaching, counselling and martial arts.

Three – bespoke tools that work

Provision of appropriate tools and frameworks depending on the needs of the individual and their organisation.

  • These enablers have been based on Anna’s experience of designing and delivering leadership programmes, a background in management consulting, a higher certificate in counselling and being qualified to deliver the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Emotional Intelligence Competency Inventory.

“Anna has the ability to deliver really tough messages in a really supportive way and, it is this talent that produces a significant step change in an individual’s leadership journey. I have no hesitation in recommending Anna and I very much hope we will continue to work together in the future.”

Louise Benford

HR Director, RSA Italy

“Anna has become an integral part of our DFK Managers Conferences. Her non nonsense style of presentation and ability to connect with our managers has proved to be a great success. She has made her presentations both enlightening and thought provoking resulting in some excellent feedback from the delegates.”

Celine Galophe

DFK International