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Primes individuals to take immediate action because coaching addresses specific issues directly and at the time they arise

Velocity Coaching

What is it?

  • High-impact, two-hour one-off coaching surgeries for individuals you select.
  • An innovative and targeted process that speeds up the required change.

When to use

Use Velocity Coaching when your next generation leader is facing a new situation, a challenging issue or feeling stuck and yet wants to move forward quickly.

Examples of issues brought:

  • A newly appointed partner wants to feel confident in a more strategic and ambiguous environment.
  • A senior director finds that a highly respected member of her team will not engage with the new vision or team.
  • A very capable individual is finding that the leadership role has doubled his work load and this is impacting on his performance and his family.
  • A long standing senior professional has a new boss. He feels intimidated by the change in management style and culture. He wants to regain his confidence.


This innovative approach is invaluable in helping leaders to excel in their role and handle tough situations well.

For the organisation

  • Engaged leaders – freed up HR people – cost effective improvements

For emerging leaders

  • Leadership confidence – sustainable approach


“We are using Anna when we need to deliver high impact coaching sessions for our people as and when they need it. So far results have been excellent.”

Elaine Mulholland

Training and Development Manager, ICAEW

“Coaching session was fantastic. I was a little skeptical beforehand about how much could be achieved in such a short time but it was amazing. One of the great things about it is that it works as a stand alone session allowing a lot of work to be done in a short period of time.”

Lucy Taylor

Lucy Taylor Acting Head of Learning Partnerships, ACCA

“It was a good balance of being challenging, honest but supportive and productive. I also liked the summary approach at the end which pulled the session together – the actions going away from a coaching session are as important as the session itself.”

Helen Sant

Tax Partner, Cambridge