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Enhances the leadership capability and performance of individuals and teams whilst fostering cross functional teams

Velocity Workshops

What are they?

Accelerated and intense workshops for leadership teams to:

  1. Increase and sustain high performance
  2. Collaborate more effectively with other teams
  3. Build leadership potential

They are focused, fast and engaging

Velocity Problem Solving

Addressing the real issues within a team – fast

By using workshops to solve real problems and address challenging issues whilst at the same time giving and receiving immediate feedback, teams can make a real shift in levels of performance.

In order to drive high performance the approach features:

  1. Real practice
  2. Courage to give and receive feedback
  3. Team intimacy

High performance respects emotion, courage and practice

Velocity Collaboration

Making cross team collaboration a reality – fast

Many organisations have identified the potential opportunities that cross team working would bring such as additional services, innovation, complex problem solving and a reduction in duplication.

The same organisations continue to find it a challenge. It is a challenge because any boundaries and constraints create competition. Competition is a fact of life and so true collaboration will only work by acknowledging and integrating the two in an intelligent and dynamic way.

In order to drive collaboration the approach features:

  1. Development of leadership inspiration
  2. Mutual recognition
  3. Understanding  the dynamic between competition and collaboration

True collaboration respects competition

Velocity Leadership Development

Shifting the mind-set – fast

Help small groups of your new generation leaders move from:

  1. Doing to setting direction – discover ways to be more strategic and delegate with confidence
  2. Advising to engaging – learn how to develop deeper relationships that include a higher level of mutuality and connection
  3. Meeting demands to driving the agenda – formulate strategies to manage the speed and complexity of business in a more sustainable way.

Leaders will leave with increased confidence and capability to operate at senior levels

“I have had the opportunity of working with Anna on various leadership development programmes and am always impressed by her creativity, her warmth & connection and her real insight into individuals.”

Louise Benford

HR Director, RSA Italy

“I have had the real privilege and pleasure of knowing Anna for over 17 years and had the opportunity to work very closely with her in that time. Anna comes with utter integrity to her work and a passion for helping the people she comes into contact with to really solve their complex problems in a powerful way. She is very professional and focused in her approach, strategic in her thinking and good at simplifying complex issues. However, the thing that really inspires me is the energy and commitment (and fun) she brings to the situation and how much she is prepared to give of herself to really add value.”

Jeremy Keeley

Independent facilitator and executive coach