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From meeting demands to creating the agenda

Increase your resilience

What is the need?

Your next generation leaders are usually individuals who work long hours, are able to meet multiple demands and are motivated to deliver to higher and higher standards and targets.

More people, more demands and raised expectations can make the professional leader feel less and less in control at a time when they are expected to create the agenda. This approach isn’t sustainable and paradoxically reduces their very much needed sense of autonomy. It can hurt their morale and that of the teams they lead.

Not only that, there are fundamental leadership building blocks – such as managing stress, conflict, time and people – that can trip leaders up at every level and that are crucial to sustainable leadership.

Greater awareness and choice

What next generation leaders need to do is to shift their mindset from achieving excellence to creating excellence by responding to demands according to their own set of aligned values and traits.

With specialist support leaders develop a clear understanding of what is within their sphere of influence and control, and find ways to respond with strength and resilience to things outside of their control.

“Coaching session was fantastic. I was a little skeptical beforehand about how much could be achieved in such a short time but it was amazing. One of the great things about it is that it works as a stand alone session allowing a lot of work to be done in a short period of time.”

Lucy Taylor

Acting Head of Learning Partnerships, ACCA