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Making cross team collaboration a reality

Making cross team collaboration a reality

What is the need?

Many organisations have identified the potential opportunities that cross team working would bring such as additional services, innovation, complex problem solving and a reduction in duplication.

The same organisations continue to find it a challenge. It is a challenge because structures, reward systems, culture and historical success can operate strongly against it. And: because competition is such a prevalent and often necessary feature of success. Any changes in these forces creates new boundaries and new cross team tensions. The need is to encourage collaboration whilst recognising existing boundaries and constraints

True collaboration respects competition

You cannot have collaboration without competition. Competition is a fact of life and so true collaboration will only work by acknowledging and integrating the two in an intelligent and dynamic way.

The first step is to help the team leaders align and communicate a common desire and vision. People will collaborate if the perceived reward of collaborating is greater than the reward of not collaborating. It is the challenge of the leadership to inspire and promote collaboration.

The second step is to help the different teams to understand themselves and each other-to create intimacy. People will collaborate if they trust each other. Trust will grow when there is a true recognition of the internal and external dynamic between collaboration and competition.

“Anna listened to the challenges we were facing in the collaboration between our two teams and did a fantastic job designing a two-day workshop for us as a response to that. The workshop had the right mix of focus on us as individuals and specific business challenges. We are very thankful for the professional coaching and guidance Anna provided us with, because it was a rather challenging task that she was given. We truly believe Anna created an environment of trust and we definitely moved closer as teams and individuals”

Aaron Devitt

Commercial Director, RSA Scandinavia Johan Agerman, Personal Lines Director RSA Scandinavia

“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”

Charles Darwin