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From doing to setting direction

Step up to leadership

What is the need?

The next generation leaders are bright, self-reliant and self-motivated and expect their people to be the same. Their focus has been on delivering significant pieces of work to time and within budget. All good. Yet the very things that make them successful as a professional, can impede their ability to be a successful leader.

Big picture thinking, a cross-functional approach, greater delegation and a longer term focus – all vital to leadership – can be seen as compromising the results they are able to achieve now. Many young professionals also have less confidence operating at the most senior levels when success can depend on power and influence and on uncertain outcomes.

Aligning themselves and empowering others

In order to step up to leadership, two things have to happen. The first is to understand and align their individual attributes with those of the organisation. The second is to empower others to take on more.

With the appropriate understanding and tools leaders can live up to their professional values, delegate appropriately and represent their organisation with conviction. No compromise

‘I have worked in partnership with Anna for 6 years now. It has been a fantastic experience for many reasons – not only does she have an infectious energy and excitement for all the new projects we work on, she is unwaveringly professional and her rich experience in the accountancy profession has given her the skills and insight to truly help people progress. For me her greatest strength is that she helps people really understand themselves and why they do things a certain way. For many of the partners and FDs we have worked with this has completed unlocked their leadership potential which has been such a pleasure to see. I hope to continue to work with Anna for many more years, it has been all the things a great partnership should be – challenging, fun, memorable, thought provoking…and the list goes on.’

Lydia Lamdin

Head of Professional Development, ICAEW

“I thought the session was very useful – focused and insightful. I do reflect back on our discussion. Already I have consciously tried to apply one or two of the ideas which I think contributed to me both winning some important work and also to taking on a larger leadership role.”

Phil Cotton

Senior Partner, Southampton

“A really productive session, at a time when I needed it. Exceeded objectives: I now have a clear vision … and a plan”

Alan Hatfield

Acting Director of Education & Professional Development, ACCA